AIHO Showcase on BMI Healthcare – Taking prescribing into the future Copy

Taking e-prescribing to new levels, with its iQemo system working across 24 separate hospitals and with more than 150 consultants, BMI Healthcare is creating new ways of working for nurses, pharmacists and doctors which keep patients safe, allow tailored treatments and enable clear audits to be carried out.

AIHO Showcase on Horder Healthcare – Model of good practice

Model of good practice links staff training to patients’ wellbeing An innovative approach to staff training and patient care will take Horder Healthcare’s lead physiotherapist to a major European congress in November, where he will share with his fellow clinicians and health care managers how his framework combining staff competency measures with outcomes for patients […]

AIHO Showcase on BMI Healthcare – Brace for Impact

Surgical innovation halves recovery times Simultaneously cutting recovery times, getting patients mobile more quickly and restoring full function is the holy grail for every surgeon. It is a vanishingly rare outcome, but one that has been achieved through the use of a revolutionary new technique being used to treat damaged ligaments. Recovery times have been […]

AIHO Showcase on BMI Healthcare – Promoting transparency with a new coaching system

Tackling the blame culture which so often pervades hospitals, BMI Healthcare has taken a leaf out of an American book and created the first network of ‘disclosure coaches’, whose role is to help medical staff to meet their duty of candour at a professional, contractual and statutory level.

AIHO Showcase on BMI Healthcare – Focus on healing in innovative wound care service

University opened up new possibilities for two key members of staff at BMI Healthcare’s Clementine Churchill Hospital in Harrow, prompting them to set up the hospital’s innovative and widely respected wound care service, which is now supporting the work of neighbouring NHS hospitals and consultants.