Fiona Booth, Chief Executive

Fiona has been Chief Executive of AIHO since January 2013. Since joining AIHO, Fiona has been working to raise the profile of the independent sector and give it a voice in the media, in government and across the broader healthcare sector. She continues to build relationships with stakeholders such as politicians, officials, regulators, patient groups, and the media in order to highlight the economic and clinical contribution of the independent healthcare sector.

Before joining AIHO, Fiona was the Chief Executive of the Hansard Society, a political research and education think tank, for five years. In addition, she has worked in education, and had roles at the Red Cross and Age UK.

Fiona is a board member for the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) which is a not-for-profit organisation that collects data from independent and NHS bodies for publication. The PHIN website gives patients information to help them choose or find out more about an independent hospital.

Lene Gurney, Practice and Policy Advisor

Lene has been a Practice and Policy Advisor at the trade association since 2007.

Lene leads the Workforce, Infection Prevention and Control, Revalidation, and Quality agendas for AIHO. Lene engages with government agencies, and other organisations, representing the independent sector. Lene sits on various CQC advisory groups and edits the Regulation Briefing.

Lene’s background is in nursing both in the NHS and the independent sector. Before joining AIHO, Lene had 18 years’ experience of working in the independent healthcare sector in various roles covering clinical management, quality and governance.

Disa Young, Head of External Affairs 

Disa has been at AIHO since 2015.

Disa is responsible for stakeholder liaison with member hospitals and external stakeholders; strategic monitoring of healthcare policy and regulatory developments across the UK and reporting on to members. Disa has oversight of all AIHO’s internal and external communications, leads on AIHO campaigns and research development.

Disa sits on various CQC advisory groups, the Independent Health Coalition and is also a member of the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales Advisory Board.

Disa‘s background is in mental health policy and tertiary education.

Charlie Evans, Projects Manager

Charlie has been employed on a part time basis by AIHO since September 2015.

Since joining Charlie has undertaken two key roles, initially as the Manager of ISCAS and since March 2016 as the Projects Manager for AIHO.

Within AIHO, Charlie is responsible for a variety of projects including membership, producing a series of Key Principle documents, arranging AIHO member seminars and liaising with external bodies to promote and facilitate the work of the independent sector.

Charlie has a background as a Senior Manager in NHS acute Trusts, and was responsible for managing both NHS clinical services and NHS PPU’s. She has expertise at senior operational level in areas of leadership, finance, governance, change management, planning and strategy.

Obaayaa Asantewaa, External Affairs Executive

Obaayaa has been at AIHO since April 2015.

At AIHO, Obaayaa is responsible for all aspects of working with the Senior Management Team on their daily activities and has overall responsibility for the day to day operation of the office. Obaayaa acts as a first point of contact for the organisation to members, suppliers, stakeholders, and patients to field, signpost and escalate questions and queries to the relevant people. She liaises with AIHO’s accountant dealing with the finance and accounts. Also, she is involved in reviewing and updating internal governance, finance policies and best practice. Also, Obaayaa is the Health and Safety Officer concerning staff, property and has general oversight and coordination of the AIHO website to ensure accurate and up to date information is available to members at all times.

Obaayaa’s background is in healthcare. She has experience in working in a variety of charities as a policy and communications officer in addition to having a master’s degree in international relations and international law.